Positional call on Heidelberg Cement India Limited 01 June 2016


Positional call on Heidelberg Cement India Limited 01 June 2016




This Successful call on HEIDELBERG  given on 01 June 2016 by our student Utsavsoni. He completed advanced technical analysis course. This call is shared with in our secret group on Advanced Technical Traders group.

Positional call on Heidelberg Cement India Limited 01 June 2016

Buy call given on Wednesday 1st June 2016.

Script Name : HeidelbergCement India Limited

HeidelbergCement India Limited is is a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement Group, Germany. The Company has its operations in Central India at Damoh (Madhya Pradesh), Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh) and in Southern India at Ammasandra (Karnataka). The Company increased its capacity to 5.4 million tones p.a. through brown field expansion of its facilities in Central India in 2013.

Positional buy HEIDELBERG at 101

Stoploss at 96

Target 1 at  107

Target 2 at 111


Date Symbol Series Open High Low LTP Close Volume Turnover
(in Lakhs)
06-Jun-2016 HEIDELBERG EQ 105.95 108.40 102.35 107.40 106.85 2,31,355 243.32
03-Jun-2016 HEIDELBERG EQ 106.00 110.25 104.00 106.35 105.90 10,92,012 1,183.02
02-Jun-2016 HEIDELBERG EQ 101.45 105.95 101.45 105.90 105.65 4,29,577 448.82
01-Jun-2016 HEIDELBERG EQ 102.80 16.00 102.00 103.10 103.30 4,76,531 496.32
31-May-2016 HEIDELBERG EQ 98.00 104.00 97.00 102.10 101.90 7,97,509 813.17



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